Hand Reflexology

Hand ReflexologyMore and more in my work, I get people with hand arthritis, arm pain, swollen joints, carpal tunnel and repetitive arm strain. Many factors can contribute to these symptoms whether it’s from repetitive jobs that involve computers or heavy labor, to stress factors. Sometimes even carrying heavy purses can affect the hands because pressure on several meridians in the neck and shoulders interrupts the flow of energy down the arm to the fingers.

I do acupressure points on the meridians connected with the neck, shoulder, upper and lower arms, and finally on the hands to allow the circulation of blood flow and energy. Then, I finish by doing reflexology on the fingers, front and back of the hands, and the wrist, working diligently on certain areas to remove swelling and discomfort. Finally, I work with the individual on special hand and neck exercises.

I once had a client whose hands and fingers were all twisted for a few years, and her feet were swollen and achy. I performed the above treatment methods in addition to addressing her legs and feet. She expressed some relief from the pain and said that she started feeling better when I was working, feeling a tingling and flow in her limbs she had not felt in a long time. She was so happy to feel her extremities again. All of this from only a 20 minute session.

The second session with this woman, I performed a 30 minute treatment. We might increase the time in the next treatment.

It feels wonderful to help clients like this and I look forward to continue helping her and others like her.

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