Preparing a Healthy Meal in 30 Minutes

Who said it takes forever to prepare a delicious, healthy meal?

Four days a week, I work from home giving Shiatsu and Reflexology treatments, or teaching Vegan, Fish, and Macrobiotic cooking classes for groups and private parties. I like this arrangement because it gives me the opportunity to prepare lunch for my husband and I.

Usually, I have a 45 to 90 minute lunch break. In the winter time, we love having warming soups or stews. My lunch today was simple and easy to prepare. It took around 30 minutes to prepare. I had some leftovers from yesterday’s stew which consisted of kidney beans, rutabaga, turnips, onions, and cabbage. I used these leftovers to make a soup just by adding water and some soya sauce (using sea salt works as well). I let it boil while I prepared some delicious fish to bake about 10 minutes. I also prepared a round vegetable dish and stir fried kale to serve on the side.

While the soup was boiling, I peeled some butternut squash, peeled it, and put in a Creuset pan along with a few brussel sprouts rinsed and cut in half. I also added a small piece of Kelp or Kombu in the bottom of the pan. I drizzled some Rice Syrup on top, a nice pinch of sea salt, and a little water to cover less than half. Then I covered it, let it boil, and simmered for 15 minutes. While cooking, I prepared my next simple dish.

I steamed some kale and stir fried it with thinly sliced leeks and chopped walnuts in little sesame oil. I garnished with a drop of Umeboshi Vinegar. Voila, it was ready at the same time as the soup, and the squash dish. Meanwhile, I had the oven heating. I sprinkled some olive oil, sea salt and pepper on the fish and baked it for 12 minutes while we were drinking the soup.

I almost forgot to mention the sweet potato chips!
I peeled a half sweet potato, and sliced it very thin. Sprinkled a little salt and olive oil over the slices and stirred in a frying pan for few minutes. Then, I layered it all onto a baking sheet and let it roast before I added the fish for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, I put the already prepared fish into the oven. By the time the fish was ready, the chips were ready. It made the whole meal nicely balanced and yummy. When finished with our soup, I served prepared dishes on our bowls, and enjoyed a nicely balanced nutritious meal. Easy and quick. Hope you will try it.