Helpful Links

  • A Forum site for Shiatsu therapists - This is a very instructive site where Shiatsu therapists from around the world can connect and exchange ideas, ask for advise, discuss Shiatsu clients issues of course without mentioning names. It is a very professional site under the direction of Cliff A
  • Advanced Reflexology Techniques - When I took Tony Porter ART workshops, I was very impressed with the advanced Knuckle techniques he uses and how he is able to detect sensitive reflexes and adress it. In Tony's words:"There is a huge difference between a properly trained reflexologist, p
  • Elizabeth Pond - Elizabeth Pond is a quiet and down to earth massage therapist. I love her work and her peaceful yet dynamic uplifting energy.
  • Facial Reflexology - Lone Sorenson teaches Facial Reflexology and Foot Reflexology around the world. She comes several times a year to teach in the US - Sante Fe, North Carolina and sometimes Seattle. HEr school is based in Barcelona, Spain.
  • It is a Shiatsu Center in Norwich, UK. - When I am visiting London, I love taking the train from London to Norwich to get the best Shiatsu treatment ever. I love Dina Johns shiatsus, Cliff Andrews used to give treatments there. Now he is located in Brighton England after living in Sienna, Italy
  • Schedulicity - This is my site for scheduling with on line for shiatsu, reflexology, cooking classes, ginger compress
  • Shiatsu College in UK - I took my Zen SHiatsu course at the SHiatsu College. I was so fortunate to find it when we lived in London. Later on, I did my Post Graduate degree there. I still follow them wherever they give courses in London or Italy. I think it is the best Shiatsu s