Spring Reflexology Treatments

Hands doing foot reflexology.Spring is here. It is a good time to schedule Reflexology treatments to help the detoxing of vital organs such as Liver and Kidneys, or Shiatsu Acupressure to help flow the Chi (intrinsic energy) in our meridians or energy lines that connect to our organs. Reflexology treatments and Shiatsu Acupressure help lesson stagnation in these channels making our organs more vibrant, healthier, and dynamic and therefore they function better and more harmoniously.

Spring is the Liver and Gall Bladder season, green is the color to emphasize now just like the buds on the trees and plants. Everything is starting to blossom, flowers and trees. Our bodies are just like nature. After a long dark colorless hibernating winter, we start blossoming in the spring. People look more cheerful, and happier. We lighten up our layers of clothes.

It is a good time to start lightening up our diet and way of cooking also. In the fall and winter we eat warming heavier food. Now it is a good idea to eat lighter, adding more greens, less rich and heavy dishes, more sour tastes, pressed salads using for instance radishes and sour apples, stir fry vegetables, and lighter selection of grains. Some people call it Spring detoxing.

But remember, eating lighter is not enough. We need to boost our organs’ energy to support the coming out of heavy hibernation. In addition to Reflexology treatments and Shiatsu Acupressure, don’t forget to exercise, stretch, walk, hike, dance, and garden to your Spring awakening.