Indian Summer and Shiatsu

The Indian summer is almost here. It is also called the season in between the season. Indian summer is the period right after the heat of the summer, and before the fall season. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is the season of nurturing our organs – stomach, spleen and pancreas. These are the organs and meridians of the Earth Element that flow and influence the whole front of our bodies. That element relates to how we look after ourselves and how we care for others – we nourish ourselves and we nurture others. The Earth element is about food and digestion, centering and grounding. The three organs work together.

Now is the time to start switching from a summer diet and lifestyle to prepare our bodies, organs, meridians and energy lines for the fall season. I always relate the Earth element to mothers, grandmothers, teachers, therapists, doctors, nurses, nannies, etc. The people who devote their lives for giving and nurturing others, just like Mother Earth gives us food to nourish our bodies and soul. Now mothers and teachers are starting to get ready for the return to schools after all the fun of vacations, playing, swimming, etc.

It is the perfect time to start booking appointments for shiatsu treatments to nurture our bodies, allowing chi and energy to flow harmoniously in our meridians to help our organs function properly and start getting ready for the fall season. Facial Reflexology is also good for Earth Energy as the stomach meridian opens or starts on the face.

Shiatsu treatments are done on a floor mat or on a massage table. Recipients keep their cotton clothes on. I start taking an assessment on the abdomen where most organs are located. That directs me on which meridians I should balance in the body. Nevertheless, I always start with the stomach energy line on the legs to balance the front of the body, help the receiver relax and allow their body to be nurtured. I often feel the person taking a deep breath as soon as I start palming the meridian and stretching it.

Next week, I will elaborate more about stomach and spleen/pancreas meridians and the Earth element.