Chair Massage while traveling

Chair Massage
We were just on a trip to IN to visit my husband’s mother and his brother.  Our transit flight was through Dallas, TX. Flying always affects my neck. It gets a bit achey and tight. As soon as we get off the plane, it gets back to normal. But, it doesn’t hurt to get a chair massage when you are traveling. So, as we were walking to get to our next gate I told my husband it would be a dream come true to get an airport chair massage. Lo and behold, just before we got to our gate, I saw a chair massage parlor. Lucky for me, we had time to kill. So, I signed my name up for 15 minutes.

I gtt on the chair, head down, adjusted my knees, chest, and arms on the chair to a comfortable position, and the massage therapist started working on my neck and shoulder.  I felt her strong hands on my neck, since this is where my main concern was expressed. I knew right away that it was going to be a good 15 minutes upper body massage.

Indeed, I was so glad to be at her mercy. It felt amazing. I often get chair massage whenever I see them at airports but this one was really the best ever.  She worked deep on my shoulders, shoulder blades or scapula areas, arms, and back after addressing my neck for around five minutes. I kept taking long relaxing breaths. In my mind, I was thinking I hope it is not going to be just neck work. It wasn’t – she read my mind.

I usually have tight shoulders. She spent some time there using her forearm and elbow. I was so pleased with her deep but effective pressure. I thought: “that’s too bad, I only signed up for 15 minutes, I should have asked for 20 minutes instead.” Well, the massage went on and on. I almost asked her if she realized I signed up for just 15. I was enjoying her work so much that I just let her keep going.  I kept breathing deeply and tuning in the great feelings my shoulders, arms and shoulders were feeling.

So, when she was done and mentioned the price, I knew she worked 20 minutes. I complimented her on her strong hands and work. I told her it felt really good and that she was terrific. My name is Holly,” she said. “Have a safe flight Ma’am” (with an Asian accent) “and hope to see you again.”

If you have never had a chair massage, you may want to consider it between flights or at the end of your trip. Some of my clients like to book a massage before and after traveling. The body can deal better with the discomfort of the long flights, the confining seats and what it does to your entire system, not only to your neck, back and shoulders.

A Happy Holiday season and a wonderful 2012.